Expanding Human Spaceflight through habitat delivery

Our Technology- High Alititude Air Launch

From concept


High Altitude offers increased rocket mass- and payload mass fraction by mounting an air-launched parasite spanwise

To patent application


The booster creates its own lift during captive carry, allowing jettison to occur north of 50,000 ft above sea level, depending on payload size and orbit profile

To flight test


We are moving beyond equations and initial feasibility studies. We are sinking funds into testing, both flight test and wind tunnel testing. Join us on the next revolution of spaceflight!

The Team


Kyle Snowberger- Founder and CEO

Kyle developed a passion for aviation and rocketry from the 4th grade on. He earned a B.S Aerospace Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. Kyle gained engineering and project management experience at Pratt and Whitney, Beechcraft Defense Company, and Manitowoc Cranes. Now he is pursuing the dream of expanding human spaceflight through commercial habitat delivery, while learning what it takes to be a 3rd generation entrepreneur.  


CFO (to be announced soon)


Dan Heflin - Owner Nu-Ans Design

Dan served as an aeronautical design engineer at Cessna for 10 years before transitioning to develop his own design and engineering house, Nu-Ans Design. Nu-Ans has been responsible for fabricating a full scale mockup of XTI's TriFan 600 aircraft. Dan brings manufacturing and subscale flight testing expertise as Intercept Nexus plans to increase subscale vehicle size  



Charlie Johnson

Charlie is an experienced pilot and aviation executive. He flew the F-105 in Vietnam and later served as a Arnold Palmer's personal pilot. Charlie then served as a test pilot for Learjet in Wichita, Kansas, and later rose through Cessna, serving as President and COO. He became the COO of XTI Aircraft and later Bye Aerospace. Charlie has been inducted into both the Kansas and Colorado Aviation Halls of Fame. Charlie is an avid believer in helping startups succeed over their inexperience and Intercept Nexus is grateful for his advisorship. 


Harvey Hoffman

Harvey has started and been a principal of several companies in the Philadelphia region for over 35 years. His experience spans industry segments including manufacturing, distribution, direct marketing, product development, technology and strategic consulting.  The same is true of his roles and responsibilities which include Managing Principal, CEO, CFO and VP-Finance.  He considers himself a true “business generalist” and has had success in many settings. Harvey contributes his time to several organizations and university based programs including the Temple Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute (IEI), University of Pennsylvania, Jefferson/PhilaU and Villanova. Harvey has provided business guidance to Intercept Nexus since the 34th Space Symposium. 


Michael Kaplan


Michael Kaplan has over 35 years of leadership and technical experience across space and systems domains working with the US Naval Research Laboratory, NASA Hqs., Ball Aerospace Boeing, Space Systems Loral, The MDA Corporation, and Cisco Systems. His specialties span strategic planning, business development, marketing, capture team leadership, product development, program management, and systems engineering. 

Michael also has worked with Lockheed-Martin, Northrop Grumman, DARPA, AFRL, the European Space Agency, the German Space Agency (DLR), French Space Agency (CNES), Orbital-ATK, Airbus, Thales Alenia, Israel Space Agency, Israel Aerospace Industries, Elbit Systems, numerous universities and research laboratories, and many other leading aerospace and high technology organizations.

While at NASA Headquarters, Michael created and led the development of several transformational programs including the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. He also created the partnership between NASA and the DLR that enabled the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), the world’s largest and most sophisticated airborne observatory. Michael has served as an irreplaceable advisor on all fronts of Intercept Nexus' development since our breakthrough at the 34th Space Symposium and Ignite the Night. 



Dr. Jewel Barlow - Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel

 Dr. Barlow is Director of Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel at the University of Maryland. He has achieved the honor of Associate Professor Emeritus Aerospace Engineering. Dr. Barlow holds a B.S in Physics from Auburn University, a  Masters in Aerospace Engineering from Auburn, and a Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto.  Dr. Barlow is assisting with a Maryland Industrial Partnerships Grant application, to conduct a 2 Phase study of the flight characteristics of our booster in captive carry and during post-jettison transition maneuvers. GLM is unique as it offers reduced scaling to reach the high Reynold's numbers the full-scale 200 foot vehicle would experience in flight. 


Dr. Robert Melton - astronautics and orbital physics

 Pennsylvania State University aerospace engineering professor and director of undergraduate program, Dr. Melton specializes in spacecraft design, vehicle dynamics and controls, and orbital mechanics. Dr. Melton holds a BS in Physics (cum laude) from Wake Forest University, an MS in Physics from the University of Virginia, and a Ph D in Engineering Physics from the University of Virginia. Dr. Melton was one of our founder's favorite professors during undergrad; Intercept Nexus is delighted to see his expertise help in mass fraction and feasibility analysis.



Draper Labs

The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, headquartered in Cambridge Massachusetts specializes in the design, development, and deployment of advanced technology solutions to problems in national security, space exploration, health care and energy. Draper evolved from the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory into the non-profit organization it is today. Draper brings an expertise in Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) software development and applications. Their aerospace team has experience in developing missile guidance systems, critical for High Altitude Air Launch's engineering challenges. 


Hagerstown Regional Airport

Hagerstown Regional Airport boasts a 7,000 ft by 150 ft runway less than 90 miles from Washington D.C. Adjacent to the airport grounds sits the 800,000 sq ft aircraft factory formerly used by Fairchild to manufacture the A-10 Warthog. Ready access to a long runway and the nation's capital is a strategic asset for our air launch technology and why we have set our headquarters at KHGR


Nu-Ans Design

Nu-Ans is based in Wichita, Kansas, the air capital of the world. This engineering house offers unique milling, additive manufacturing, and laser cutting solutions for the aerospace market. Intercept Nexus is happy to partner with Nu-Ans Design as we prepare subscale flight test vehicles for LDRS at Argonia, Kansas in August. 

Our Technology Applications

High Altitude Air Launch offers greatly expanded payload bay, reducing total mission cost for operators


Intercept Nexus LEO habitat concept allowing civilians to experience microgravity only when they desire to


Travel would be provided by Dragon, Starliner, Orion, Dreamchaser; Intercept Nexus does not intend to create man-rated vehicles

Spanwise air launch offers more efficient takeoff for existing launch systems, including Falcon 9


Imagine returning 1st stage booster to drone-ship or land regardless of payload mass 


Artificial Gravity "batons" are the next step in space habitat and should be a priority development for the commercial space industry


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Hoffman Transfer trips will require artificial gravity- astronauts will be expected to walk upon arrival



Mid 2030's Jupiter Gravity Assist will allow feasible manned missions to the most hospitable body in the solar system 

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